How to Vape Weed for Maximal Results

Vape Weed

Can you vape weed like these juices? Yes, you most certainly can. The evolution of vaporizers has come a long way, from the older desktop vaporizers to the more portable ones. Vaping a dry herb, like “weed” demands some level of expertise, as does rolling a joint. This article will guide you on how to get the best results in vaping any dry herb.

When it comes to weed, simple vape pens will not do. Standalone units are more effective, but you can either use a dry herb vape pen or a dry herb atomizer and a tank. Although there are other choices for vaping herbal concentrates, this article is tailor-made for dry herb vaporizers.

Sanitizing your Vape

First things first, sanitize your vape.

New machines may have leftover oils that can interfere with the vape flavor or smell. This can spoil your experience.

Clean the travel path of the vapor.

Wash the mouthpiece: Use alcohol to clean thoroughly and wipe until clean.

It is advisable to change the bag if you use a desktop vaporizer.

Packing and using a herb vaporizer

Ensure the vaporizer is not hot and that it is off so that the vapor does not escape, and you don’t accidentally burn your fingers.

What to do:

Charge your device and make sure it is full.

The ground texture of most vaporizers is fine to medium. It is always a good idea to grind the dry herb, particularly for conduction vaporizers.

Using a flat object like a card, scoop the dry herb into the oven of the vaporizer. You can also use a weed scooper.

Ensure the surface of the herb is flat by packing it in with your finger. For convection vapes, you need to pack the herb tighter than normal to enhance the surface area. But it shouldn’t be too tight to allow for airflow.

Turn on your vape and adjust to your preferred temperature.

Inhaling weed from a Vape

The feeling of vapor in the lungs is surprisingly different from the smoke in the lungs. So, for first-timers, it may take a while to get used to it. The secret is to find the temperature that works best for you.

Set the vape to your preferred temperature, wait for about 30 seconds before drawing a puff.

Draw a couple more puffs to prepare the vaporizer.

Take deep breaths till your lungs are filled with vapor, then let it out.

Cleaning your Vaporizer

It’s always best to clean your vaporizer immediately after using it. You can even make it a vaping routine- vape, then clean.

First, turn off the vaporizer and let it cool down.

Separate it from the mouthpiece.

Clean the herb chamber to remove leftover dirt.

Clean the herb chamber thoroughly with a cotton bud and alcohol.

Dirt clogs the vaporizer and reduces its performance. That is why it is vital to clean the vaporizer regularly.

To maximize your vaping experience, these are the keep words to keep in mind; grind, pack, draw, and clean. Happy Vaping.