Cannabis: How Long Does It Stay in Your Body?

In Canada, cannabis is already legal for adults to use, and they can even buy it online. Most cannabis users do not need to be concerned so much about their marijuana consumption as long as they abide by the allowable public possession, and smokes in designated places where it is permitted. But there are times when you need to know the cannabis’ duration of its presence in your system such as:

  • Upcoming drug test
  • Body detoxification
  • Resetting your tolerance

Here is everything you need to know:

How long does cannabis stay in your body?

You may not normally wait for too long to feel the weed’s effect to be gone, but actually, it can stay in your body for longer. When your body takes in any cannabis product, its THC bonds with your system’s metabolites. You won’t notice any effect, but they can show up after a drug test.

The duration of its presence in your system varies in different factors:

  • Number of usage instances
  • Type of cannabis
  • Strength/concentration of weed

For those who use it rarely, it might be cleared after one or two days. For frequent consumers, THC traces might stay for a couple of weeks or even months.

How to flush it faster

If you have an upcoming drug test or if you want to quickly flush your body, there are several ways to clear out the cannabis from your system:

  • Drinking plenty amount of water so that you could urinate, flushing most THC amount
  • Eating foods rich in protein and fiber for better digestion
  • Drinking prune, lemon, and cranberry juice
  • Some even take Creatinine and Vitamin B3


Cannabis typically stays in your body from 5 to 7 days, but still varies for the instances of usage. Most cannabis smokers do not need to worry about the residue because there are no observable effects. If you are in dire need of clearing it, you may take those measures in flushing it away from your body.