Tips to Build A DIY Cannabis Grow Tent

DIY Cannabis Grow Tent

If you are cannabis user, then you will be pleased to know that you can grow your own if you are buying a grow tent. Creating DIY Grow Tent are excellent options especially if you don’t have adequate space to grow cannabis outdoors. You can purchase these tents in the market.

However, if you want to be creative, you can build your own tent from scratch with 3 easy steps.

What to Consider When Growing a DIY Cannabis Grow Tent

Before we go to steps for building a DIY cannabis grow tent, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Light-proof

For your DIY cannabis project, you will need 100% light-proof tent. This helps to prevent any leaking of light which can cause tension on those precious plants. Light can also cause affect their flowering, stunt their growth and even cause hermaphroditism.

  • Waterproof

Another tip is to ensure that the Grow Tents are 100% waterproof to keep the plants away from the mold. Although cannabis requires adequate water, spills and runoffs can also damage the entire area where you have grown your plant.

  • Airflow

This ancient plant requires the correct stream of air to develop perfectly. Inadequate air ventilation will only build stress concentrations due to unbalanced heat. Consequently, this will create a breeding ground for pests and bacteria and pests.

Tools and Materials, You’ll Need to Make a DIY Grow Tent:

  • 19mm PVC pipes
  • 1x cross fittings
  • 8x 90-degree corner fittings
  • 4x t-fittings
  • LED grow light
  • Panda film
  • Fan
  • Duct tape
  • Velcro
  • Hand saw

How to Build a DIY Tent

Follow through our step by step guide to help you create a grow tent in just a few hours.

  • Assemble the Frame

Cut the PCV to the length you prefer with a hand saw. You would need 16 straight pieces of pipe. This includes four 1.5m for the vertical ones, four for the foundation, then eight for its roof, whatever the size of tent you wish to make.

Utilize fittings to attach each of them on the frame. Provide a cross fitting across the roof of your tent for additional support.

Cover tent

  • Cover Your Tent

You’re likely to wrap your tent twice first using the white panda film on the interior, followed by the black film.

The simplest and quickest way to achieve this to start is with its walls. Firmly wrap a strip of film across three of the four walls. Leave the fourth wall open to serves as the opening. Make sure to secure the film to the PVC pipes where it will be opened.

Then, repeat the process using the back film. Leave an approximately 3-5cm overlap on each wall as you stick the sides using duct tapes.  For the entrance of your tent, measure the roof towards the floor and cut a piece of film basing on it.

Use a duct tape to attach the top of the tent and use Velcro on the sides and base of the PVC frame.

  • Install your Light and Fan

Mount the LED grow light to the ceiling while adhering to the manufacturer’s instructions. Pass the cord out from a narrow hole on the rooftop, then cover the edges with duct tapes to prevent light leakage. Then, install your fan on your tent floor. You’re ready to grow your own cannabis!


Make sure that you follow every approach to create a strong and stable Grow Tent that will sustain the cannabis plant. By following these steps, you are now ready to grow your own cannabis.